Art Basel Cities

The Art Basel Cities initiative was launched in March 2016 to engage with selected partner cities to develop vibrant and intellectually rigorous bespoke programs and offer the artworld new opportunities to engage with cultural offerings across the world.

Buenos Aires Announced as First Partner City

A city with a thriving cultural life and rich artistic heritage, Buenos Aires is the first partner in the Art Basel Cities initiative.

Art Basel and the city of Buenos Aires will join forces to develop and host a series of vibrant cultural events. The first event will take place in Buenos Aires in late 2017 and offer new opportunities to discover and engage with the city’s thriving cultural offerings and contemporary art scene.

The Initiative

Art Basel Cities uses art expertise, broad network and communication channels to support cities in developing and celebrating their unique cultural landscape. In addition to hosting art events in partner cities, the program will bring projects and content back to the Art Basel shows, providing the cities with additional opportunities to build lasting relationships with Art Basel’s international audience.

If you are interested in becoming a partner city, please complete our online questionnaire

Expanding our Engagement

Art Basel Cities is a new initiative that expands Art Basel's engagement in the artworld from staging art fairs to working with cities to develop cultural events with international resonance. Learn about our new initiative in the video.

Advisory Board

Patrick Foret, Director of Business Initiatives for Art Basel is supported for this initiative by an Advisory Board consisting of prominent art world figures with expertise across various disciplines.