Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires

A city with a thriving cultural life and rich artistic heritage, Buenos Aires is the first partner in the Art Basel Cities initiative.

A long-term collaboration, Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires will support the city’s cultural ecosystem and highlight its dynamic cultural scene. In 2017, the partnership will focus on providing structural support to the local art community with the Art Basel Cities Exchange, and in September 2018, will launch a city-wide week of public programing curated by Artistic Director Cecilia Alemani.

An important part of this multi-year partnership is the Art Basel Cities Exchange, initiated by Art Basel and the City of Buenos Aires, that comprises several initiatives to help facilitate professional collaborations, catalyze support for cultural projects, and strengthen the local artworld. Key elements of the Art Basel Cities Exchange include The Project Bureau, an internship program, and crowdfunding campaigns that will launch this Fall. More features will be announced throughout this partnership.

To celebrate the launch of the first elements of The Art Basel Cities: Exchange and to share more information on the partnership, Art Basel Cities will host the Art Basel Cities House in Buenos Aires, where a series of exciting art- and culture-related events and workshops will take place from November 2 to 5, 2017.The four-day event will include the launch of a series of talks to be held throughout the year. Local cultural partners will be invited to collaborate, participate, and learn more about future programs. In addition, Buenos Aires will welcome an international delegation of artworld professionals including collectors, curators, museum directors and not-for-profit spaces, to discover and engage with the vibrant local art scene during that week.

In 2018, Art Basel and the City of Buenos Aires will launch an inspiring week of public arts programing in the city. Taking place from September 11 to 16, 2018, the week will be directed by Cecilia Alemani, Director and Chief Curator of High Line Art in New York and the Curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Over the coming months, Alemani will work closely with cultural partners in Buenos Aires on the week's program.

Finally, a newly formed advisory board – consisting of prominent artworld figures with strong ties to Buenos Aires – has been created to contribute to the further development and implementation of the partnership. Members of the board comprise: Ariel Aisiks; Pablo León de la Barra; Orly Benzacar; Gustavo Bruzzone; Ximena Caminos; Eduardo Costantini; Marlise and Anibal Jozami; Dani Levinas; Alec Oxenford; Glenn Phillips; Frances Reynolds; Adriana Rosenberg; Juan and Patricia Vergez; and, from the government of the City of Buenos Aires, Diego Radivoy, General Director of Creative Industries.

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