In 2014, Art Basel and Kickstarter partnered to catalyze much-needed support for outstanding non-commercial art projects worldwide. This initiative presents jury-selected art projects to a massive group of potential benefactors, which include Art Basel’s audience and the vibrant Kickstarter community, who has pledged over $2.3 billion to creative projects.

The Crowdfunding Initiative is a unique platform for non-profit visual arts organizations to share their stories, generate contributions, and reach out to new audiences for support at a time when public funding for the arts has been dwindling.
Photo courtesy: SASSAS.



An organization curating site-specific public art exhibitions in Los Angeles and beyond. They are hosting a city-wide exhibition of public programs to conclude and celebrate their cross-country billboard art exhibition along I-10, "The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project".

Delfina Foundation

An independent organization that facilitates artistic exchange and develops creative practice through residencies, partnerships and public programming. They are now staging a groundbreaking exhibition on the little-known history of performance art in the Arab world.

Flora ars + natura

A space for contemporary art in Bogotá, Colombia, that specializes in the relationship between art and nature. They are building a new library and meeting space to encourage dialogue and communication.


The first international arts festival of photography in Nigeria, expanding their programming to create year-round exhibitions, workshops, and mentorships.

The Mosaic Rooms

A London-based cultural space presenting contemporary culture from the Arab world. They have published a book with Hrair Sarkissian on the disappearing tradition of studio portraiture in the Middle East.


The Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive is translating a book on Myanmar contemporary art and its history into English and adding chapters that had previously been censored.

Jury members

Hammad Nasar

Hammad Nasar is a curator and writer, and Head of Research and Programmes at the Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong), an independent non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the recent history of contemporary art in Asia within an international context.
Photo: Stephen Lam. Courtesy: Asia Art Archive.

Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips is Curator and Head of Modern & Contemporary Collections at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles.

Mari Spirito

Mari Spirito is the Director and Curator of Protocinema, an itinerant site-aware nonprofit based in Istanbul and New York since 2011; as well as Founding Director and Curator of Alt Art Space, Istanbul.

How to qualify

1. Review the Selection Criteria.
2. Create a project draft on Kickstarter. When your draft is complete, generate a preview link from your project’s preview pane.
3. Apply for the Art Basel curated page using our submission form below: 
  • Your project draft will be reviewed to confirm if it meets the selection criteria, at which point it will be shared with the jury.
  • Art Basel will send an email notifying you if your project has been accepted or rejected within two to three weeks.
  • Accepted projects will be added to the Art Basel curated page on Kickstarter once they have been launched.

All projects on Kickstarter must be a creative project. Please review   Kickstarter's rules and eligibility requirements before you begin. Kickstarter also recommends that you view their community guidelines for their policy on online etiquette for project creators and backers.

While recognizing the fuzziness of such categories, by 'visual art', we generally mean: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, film, video and performance that is advanced as a work of art and presented in a museum, online platform, or other public venue specializing in presenting art. Acceptable projects also include symposia, think tanks, online initiatives, public art projects, residencies, and participatory art events. Projects that strengthen an art organization or result in print or online publications about the visual arts are also eligible.

The project must be endorsed by a non-profit presenting entity, vouching to organize or exhibit the project if it is funded. Art Basel seeks to garner support for projects that will be seen by a broad public. All projects must either be proposed by a museum, Kunsthalle-type contemporary art space, art school, digital platform, or similar art organization and not be aimed at the art market. 

With this project Art Basel aims to strengthen the broader non-profit ecology and discourse around contemporary art. Therefore, if the project results in exhibited artworks, these cannot be offered for sale for six months after their initial presentation. If the works are then sold, the total funds raised via this Crowdfunding Initiative need to be donated to the non-profit organization that initially vouched to exhibit the works.

In addition to the forms and materials requested for all Kickstarter projects, we strongly suggest that you submit published reviews, photographs, web links, and other documentation attesting to the quality and potential impact of the proposed project.

If your project meets the criteria above, and you wish for your project to be a part of the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative, please apply now.
Photo courtesy: Rush Philantropic Arts Foundation.

There are various elements that contribute to a successful crowdfunding campaign, including a clear goal, strong communication, desirable rewards, and a broad community of potential backers.

Creator Handbook
Kickstarter’s Creator Handbook is useful, step-by-step guide for project creators that includes tips for creating a successful campaign. For specific information about optimizing your campaign on Kickstarter, please send an email to

Support Documentation
The jury will look for applications with strong support documentation, such as published reviews, photographs, drawings, web links and other materials that attest to the quality and potential impact of the proposed projects when making their decision.

Activating Network
Once a project is included on the Art Basel curated page on Kickstarter, it is important for creators to announce their project within their own network to spread the word and ensure financial support. While inclusion as a part of Art Basel’s Crowdfunding Initiative will offer increased visibility, it does not guarantee that the funding goal will be met. Successfully funded projects receive support from many people including friends, family, fans, local community members, Kickstarter community members, and Art Basel’s larger international network.
Photo: Daniel Arsham: Welcome to the Future (2014), installation view. Courtesy: Locust Projects.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative here

Benefits for backers

People support Kickstarter projects because they want to realize an idea. A Kickstarter project offers insight into the creative process, while also giving backers the opportunity to sustain the artworld, and help projects come to life. In addition, project creators often offer tangible rewards to people who back their Kickstarter projects, which vary from project to project, but can range from an edition of what is being produced to a special experience.
Photo: Barbara Kruger: Untitled (Stamps) (1990/2013), project reward. Courtesy: East of Borneo.

Apply now

Art Basel reviews all applications to ensure projects meet our selection criteria. All eligible projects will then be reviewed by the jury.
For further information, please contact