Art Basel introduces participants in its Basel show: Madragoa (Lisbon), White Space Beijing (Beijing), Casas Riegner (Bogotá), Galerie Max Mayer (Düsseldorf), and White Space Beijing (Beijing). This week, Matteo Consonni presents Madragoa gallery.


‘Lisbon is a European capital: it has everything to offer you, but in a slower way.’—Matteo Consonni, owner and director of Madragoa

Madragoa opened in 2016 in one of Lisbon’s celebrated historic neighborhoods, from which it borrows its name. The bijou azulejos-clad space is now firmly on the map of the Portuguese capital, which, in recent years, has become a real magnet for artists. Madragoa straddles traditional and conceptual approaches by championing artists who favor what director Matteo Consonni describes as a ‘poetic attitude’, anchored in materiality. The gallery works mainly with artists from Portugal and Latin America, often encouraging collaboration with local craftsmen.

At Art Basel’s 2018 show in Basel, Madragoa will present a monumental frieze composed of hand-hammered brass panels by Rodrigo Hernández. In this short video portrait, gallerist Consonni discusses Madragoa’s singular artistic position, and the rise of Lisbon as Europe’s new contemporary art hub.

Bergamin & Gomide

‘São Paulo is the sort of city in which anything can happen. And for art and culture, it’s the place to be.’—Antonia Bergamin, Co-Director of Bergamin & Gomide

Nestled in the Jardins district of São Paulo, Bergamin & Gomide has built its reputation exhibiting Brazil’s Modernist giants such as Lygia Pape and Hélio Oiticica. Art is a family affair for Antonia Bergamin. She took over the gallery from her father, Jones Bergamin, in 2012, joining forces with Thiago Gomide. With four shows a year, the partners have opened up the gallery program to a host of international artists – including Joseph Beuys and Martin Kippenberger – teasing out artistic affinities across geographies and generations.

At Art Basel’s 2018 show in Basel, Bergamin & Gomide will present a historical display, gathering key pieces by Brazilian modernists Lygia Clark, Mira Schendel, Sérgio Camargo, and Alfredo Volpi. In this exclusive interview, Bergamin & Gomide explain the secret of their partnership.