Couronnement d’Etienne de Blois, Comte de Boulogne et Roi d’Angleterre, par Guillaume, Archevêque de Cantorbéry, 1956

Hong Kong 2018
Oil on canvas
200.0 x 400.0 (cm)
78.7 x 157.5 (inch)
Provenance : Private collection (acquired from the Artist in 1957) Exhibition: London, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Mathieu, July – Aug. 1956, n° 2 Stephen (Etienne) of Blois, the grandson of William the Conqueror, was the nephew of Henry I of England whose only legitimate child died in childhood. Henry I wanted the crown to be inherited by his illegitimate daughter, Matilda, but her marriage to Geoffrey Plantagenet, Duke of Anjou – the enemy of the Normans – was not appreciated by the barons who changed sides and preferred Stephen. The dispute between Matilda and Stephen provoked civil war, known as The Anarchy which lasted from 1135 à 1153. Having lost his son, Stephen had no successor and the choice of Henry Plantagenet (Henry II of England) as his heir reunited the two sides.