Rothschild Blvd, 2016

Basel 2019
aluminium, stainless steel, digital print
133.0 x 140.0 x 39.0 (厘米)
52.4 x 55.1 x 15.4 (吋)
This work was featured in Olaf Metzel’s solo exhibition in 2018 at the Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod, where the artist created a dialogue with the museum building. In the works created following his preparatory visit to Ein Harod and to Israel, Metzel focused on subjects ranging from the thinking of Hannah Arendt and Susan Sontag to his impressions from the Bauhaus buildings lining Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Metzel responds not only to his physical or architectural surroundings, but also to the social or political environment.