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About the City

The artistic talent and vitality that characterize the city of Buenos Aires today began to flourish in the 20th century. During that time, arts and culture reached great heights and encompassed the visual arts, literature, cinematography, theatre, photography, music, dance and other disciplines. The city's streets, colors, neighborhoods, political movements and even its geographical location presented inexhaustible sources of inspiration to Argentine artists, and continue to do so in the present day.

Since the beginning of this century, Buenos Aires’s cultural scene has gone from strength to strength: the city’s art scene is rich, diverse, and cross-generational, with a diverse range of artistic practices where conventional traditions coexist alongside the novelty of innovation.

Porteños, as the citizens of Buenos Aires are called, are known to be creative, talented, and to possess an infinite curiosity that impels them to explore and find new and fertile grounds in the processes of creativity and invention. Art and culture are part of their everyday life, and they take pleasure both in the creation of artistic expression and in the enjoyment of artistic experiences. The Buenos Aires City Government nourishes and encourages this passion for creativity within the art scene of the city, with the aim of making it one of the great cultural capitals of the world.