Art Basel CitiesExchange

The Art Basel Cities Exchange facilitates professional collaborations, supports cultural opportunities, and creates a stronger more connected artworld.

We are delighted to collaborate with arteBA Fundación, partner of the Art Basel Cities Exchange in Buenos Aires.

Professional Residencies

The Art Basel Cities Exchange offers placement opportunities around the world for students and professionals working across the field of art, including internships, curatorial residencies, artist exchanges, mentorships and more. The first professional residency program to launch will be the Gallery Internship program, with further programs and curatorial residencies to come in 2018.

Gallery Internship Program

The objective of the Gallery Internship program is to give students the opportunity to gain important international experience by working in some of the world's most renowned galleries. In return, these galleries will benefit from the enthusiasm and energy exhibited by talented young individuals with an understanding of their own art scene.

Selection Process

The Gallery Internship program targets university students from the City of Buenos Aires. Ideal candidates have a minimum of two years university education, possibly professional experience in the arts, and show exceptional promise. The candidates will be chosen through an open call process led by the Buenos Aires City Government. Duration of internships will be between 3 months and 6 months.

Participating Galleries

The Art Basel galleries participating in the first Gallery Internship program will be announced soon.

Apply Now

The application process for galleries and students will be announced soon.

The Project Bureau

The Art Basel Cities Project Bureau aims to help art professionals gain access to and engage with art scenes around the world and realize projects that improve the ecology around art in our partner cities. It facilitates interactions between international artists, curators, researchers, schools, galleries, museums, foundations, non-profit institutions and their counterparts as well as potential collaborators in Buenos Aires and Argentina at large. Projects may take place internationally; Requests are reviewed by an Expert Committee and successful applicants are connected with relevant stakeholders in the Argentine art scene or abroad. The Project Bureau does not source or distribute funds.

Selection Criteria

Projects may be of varied size and scope - from individuals seeking to pursue a joint art project to major institutions seeking potential partners for their programs and initiatives.

The Project Bureau facilitates the development of projects which:

Are in the Visual Arts:

The Project Bureau engages projects in the visual arts, broadly defined. While recognizing the complexities involved in defining that which constitutes “visual art”, the Project Bureau’s working definition includes: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, media and video, or performance that is intended to be presented as a work of art in a gallery or museum, through an online platform, or other public venue that presents art. The Project Bureau’s mandate extends beyond art works and exhibitions to research, and academic activities related to visual arts.

Will infuse Energy and Vitality into the Local Artworld:

Any project or participant considered by the Project Bureau must have the potential to improve the ecology around art in Buenos Aires and Argentina at large. The range of projects facilitated by the Project Bureau may encompass, beyond joint research, art production and exhibitions by artists, galleries, institutions, non-profits and also activities that strengthen the local art scene, including residencies, academic research programs, policy initiatives, conferences, seminars, publications, performances, and technological innovations.

Are Relevant and Professional:

Individuals and organizations must have a track record of operating in the artworld. The Expert Committee will seek projects and participants displaying a high level of execution and professionalism and may seek supporting documentation (such as published reviews, photographs, drawings, web links and other materials) to attest to the quality and impact of the proposed undertaking.

The Expert Committee

Glenn Phillips
Curator and Head of Modern & Contemporary Collections at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles

Victoria Noorthoorn
Director of the Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires

Apply now

Art Basel reviews all applications to ensure projects and requests meet our selection criteria. All eligible projects and requests will then be reviewed by the Expert Committee.

Support Tools

The support tools are structures that enable organizations, individuals and institutions to support, build resources and raise awareness through channels designed by Art Basel, such as Crowdfunding. Other support tools will be announced in 2018.

In the context of the Art Basel Cities Exchange, the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative is activated to support artists and non-profit institutions in Buenos Aires in realizing a wide variety of non-commercial artistic projects.

Projects by Móvil, MAMBA and La Ira De Dios have been chosen by the independent jury to be part of the first selection of campaigns in Buenos Aires.

Argentine Crowdfunding Campaigns



To promote the work of young Argentine artists, Móvil will publish its first catalogue, presenting the non-profit organization’s first 10 exhibitions, from 2014-2017. This collection of Buenos Aires’s contemporary art history will give the featured artists the exposure and support needed to catapult their careers internationally.



The Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (MAMBA) aims to bring Argentine Art History within closer reach. In 2018, the museum will relocate their old library into new museum buildings, while taking on the project of digitization of all of its historical documents to preserve the museum’s rich collection and offer easy and free public access to this rich history.

La Ira de Dios

La Ira de Dios

La Ira de Dios is building a new kitchen and dining space that will be at the heart of its current residency and arts programs to encourage meetings, discussions and dialogue. The kitchen will be a place to research, experiment and share, created in tandem with a new residency program with a focus on food.

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