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Since its debut in 1970, Art Basel has become the Modern and contemporary artworld's premier platform for bringing together artists and their patrons in a way that is both engaging and personal. With annual art shows sited on three continents – Europe, North America, and Asia – Art Basel is the only art show with such global reach.

Modern and contemporary art of the highest quality, from classic forms to pieces by the most cutting edge experimentalists, are on display in a multi-sector format, making Art Basel a prized venue for both the artists and those who appreciate their work.


Three annual shows bring the artworld together in some of the world's most exciting venues: Basel, in the heart of Europe; Miami Beach at the nexus of North and South America; and Hong Kong, the gateway to Asia.


Art Basel is the first art show that established a global network for VIPs. Individuals who impact the international artworld at a high level receive an honored place at Art Basel events. Our VIP Relations team is available to assist VIPs in all matters pertaining to Art Basel shows.

Future Dates

Upcoming Art Basel show dates are planned several years in advance. 


On our FAQs page you will find answers to most frequently asked questions about our shows in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong.

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