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Clémentine Bruno / Dozie Kanu / Joseph Yaeger


French painter Clémentine Bruno (b.1994, Paris) explores the relationship between art history, referentiality and the literary. Her paintings can be thought of as linguistic expressions, singular words or ideas that, when placed next to each other, form a constellation of narratives. Her current solo exhibition at Project Native Informant’s Soho gallery space builds on her repertoire of images and reflections. Bruno lives and works in London

Dozie Kanu’s sculptures (b.1993, Houston, TX) reveal his intricate process of manipulating found objects, creating works which appear at first glance functional but, upon deeper reflection, transformational. An American artist currently based in Santarém, Portugal with a background in industrial and scenic design, his works interweave the material and economic, political and racial histories. His debut exhibition at Project Native Informant, Owe Deed, One Deep, presented five new sculptures made during lockdown and for the first time a photograph. 

London-based American painter Joseph Yaeger (b.1986, Helena, MT) mines the collective cultural unconscious as source material for his evocative paintings. All watercolor on gessoed canvas or linen, the recent Royal College of Art graduate is currently presenting his first online exhibition, The Writer, with Project Native Informant in advance of his first solo exhibition at the gallery in June 2021.


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