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Regina José Galindo and Zehra Doğan


Prometeo Gallery has always distinguished itself as a catalyst of social and political instances of multimedia visual artists.

This year the protagonists are two women, active for the defense of civil rights in two suburbs of the world: the Guatemalan Regina José Galindo and the Kurdish Zehra Doğan.
The works presented at ABMB are monuments to women who were subjugated to the point of being killed by power or, perhaps even more tragically, by their partners.

For example, 31-year-old Kurdish artist Zehra traces in colours and golden leaf on a Persian carpet two figures who can reminds the sense of "Unity" (the title of one of her works), although in a torn it up country like Kurdistan. 

A feminicide, the 34th from January 1st to date in Spain, inspired the work of Regina José Galindo Detrás de la Ventana (2020).

For this reason, the 34 immobile women in front of the cathedral of Salamanca, protagonists of the performance that Galindo directed from Guatemala, have their bodies covered with coloured curtains, which make them unique and somehow celebrate them, as spirits to whom they dedicate a performative monument in the patio of a place of prayer.

Therefore, while Galindo establishes a living monument to commemorate the sacrifice of anonymous and otherwise forgotten women as marginal “rejects”, collateral damage of a violent society like Guatemala, Doğan not only celebrates women “martyrs” of his Kurdish people, but ennobles female organic materials perceived as waste, i.e. menstrual blood and urine, using them for Red Army in my Pants (2020) and Reach (2020) paintings.

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