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"From the 60s through the late 70s Lucy Otter has produced a number of artworks conceived to be exhibited in  unconventional form, abstract paintings deliberately devoid of any narrative aspects, hung or installed in generic public places rather than the more specific ones of an art gallery or Museum.

The works here presented, bearing no title but generically defined as "Paintings for Furniture", were appropriately exhibited in the Fall of 1969 in the context of a furniture shop. Otter radically installed her paintings over any kind of piece of furniture: wardrobes, cabinets, tables, chairs and even doors worked as exhibition surface, deliberately avoiding the use of any available wall.

The artist’s work features also other forms of expression as sculptures, drawings and experimental films, where a conceptual approach mingles with a more personal kind of themes. Some works may appear to be formal exercises on her personal account on the meaning of life. Otter tirelessly plays with the concept of abstraction per-se, as well as keeping on pushing the boundaries of the exhibition of her work.

The title for this presentation comes from a short film realized in 1968 – "T.P.P." – most likely standing for the sentence "The Painters Paint". The moving images show the hand of the artist peculiarly writing her own name, wishing to convey the idea that value often varies over time as well as the artist’s signature does. Perhaps an eloquent strategy to reclaim her identity and fill in the absence of signature in her work."

Eliot Barber


Lucy Otter (1937, Three Corners, Alaska, lives and works in Pepys, Cornwall). Before choosing abstraction and conceptual language for her artistic work, Otter studied at the Royal Horticultural Society in London and dedicated herself to the practice of classic garden design. In parallel to this activity, from 1958 to 1964 she was part of the group MAP. She was guest professor at Le École Nationale Supérioure des Beaux-Arts in Paris during 1979 to 1983. Her work has been shown internationally and was exhibited for the first time at the Paris Petit Salon des Artistes in 1959.


Lucy Otter is a character from the novel "Siete Cavernas" by Gabriel Sierra, which has not been published yet.


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