Stadtkino Basel, Basel

Art Basel | Film | Eric Baudelaire: ​Also Known As Jihadi (2017)

This year’s program opens with the latest film by Eric Baudelaire. Using tranquil images of suburban and rural scenes in France and Syria, the filmmaker traces the voyage of the young Abdel Aziz from his home town of Val-de-Marne, France, via Egypt to Syria. Excerpts from court documents and police reports interrupt the mundane landscape footage and reveal that Aziz has apparently joined the Islamic State and helped to radicalize other young people. The film never shows its protagonist’s face, and his name has been changed. The viewer, however, sees what Aziz sees – and that suffices to get close to the subject and to think the unthinkable.

Screening followed by a Q&A with Eric Baudelaire and Maxa Zoller.

Tickets | CHF 17

The Stadtkino Basel box office opens 30 minutes prior to screenings. Seating is limited. For advanced ticket reservations, please email, or visit the Film desk, Hall 2 entrance. Please note: holders of Art Basel VIP cards, Art Basel tickets, and Exhibitor passes can receive a complimentary Film sector ticket at the Stadtkino Basel box office. 

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