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Art Basel | Film | Short Film program | ‘Earth Tales: The Politics of Soil'

Artists like Zineb Sedira, Filipa César, and Mohau Modisakeng have a special personal connection to formerly-colonized African states such as Algeria, South Africa, or Guinea-Bissau. In their films, it is the earth that tells the stories and writes the histories – of the conquest, exploitation, and recapture of territories – in a manner that is not at all abstract, but utterly concrete and sensual.

Ana Mendieta | Untitled: Silueta Series
1978, 3ʹ14ʺ; Alison Jacques, Lelong, Raffaella Cortese
Zineb Sedira | Les terres de mon père
2016, 6ʹ; Kamel Mennour
Filipa César | Mined Soil
2015, 33ʹ; Cristina Guerra
Mohau Modisakeng | To Move Mountains
2015, 9ʹ; Jenkins Johnson
Edgardo Aragón | La Encomienda (The Assignment)
2012, 4ʹ45ʺ; Perrotin
LaRibot | Traveling Olga / Traveling Giles
2003, 3ʹ37ʺ
Ana Mendieta | Birth (Gunpowder Works)
1981, 2ʹ59ʺ; Alison Jacques, Lelong, Raffaella Cortese

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