Art Basel, Basel

Creative Cities Talk | Culture for Urban Identity

Mark Rappolt, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Bernard Khoury and Afroditi Panagiotakou

Courtesy of Piero Martinello
Culture plays a crucial role as a mediator in the dialogue between social cohesion, identity and urban regeneration. This panel will discuss alternative models for developing cultural and urban prototypes in remote communities in cities. How can art and art events contribute to the future of a participatory society in remote urban areas? What are the rules and responsibilities of architects, policymakers, artists and cultural institutions in this process?

Abraham Cruzvillegas, Artist, Mexico City; Bernard Khoury, Architect and Designer, Beirut; Afroditi Panagiotakou, Director of Culture, Onassis Foundation, Athens

Moderator: Mark Rappolt, Editor-in-Chief, ArtReview, London
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