Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach

Journalist Talk | The Privatization of Art Journalism

Mary Louise Schumacher, Ossian Ward, and Sarah Douglas

The economic impact on art journalism is causing major shifts, as it is in journalism in general. This conversation brings together writers from different publications and backgrounds who have recently moved to the private sector. What does it mean when more and more art writers work for major galleries? Where would the future of art writing lie without the support of commercial interests? Have new journalistic platforms emerged in the wake of this shift? And, lastly, what are the overall effects of privatization on the quality of art journalism?

Mary Louise Schumacher, Art and Architecture Critic, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Boston; Ossian Ward, Head of Content, Lisson Gallery, London

Moderator: Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief, ARTnews, New York

Access: Open to the public and free of charge
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