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Sara Driver: Boom for Real - The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat (2017)

Sara Driver: Boom for Real - The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat (2017)

Running time 78’; selected by Marian Masone

This documentary is a window into the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the City of New York, 1978-1981. It is a comprehensive look at the movements that touched and inspired Basquiat as well as the influence a bankrupt violent city had on this seminal artist. He has become, over the years, the ultimate representation of this period. All the many things that were going on in the city fed through him - politics, hip-hop, punk rock, race issues, and the art scene.

In 1978, Basquiat was an 18-year-old teenager, living on the street and sleeping on friends' sofas in the East Village. He was shaped by his friendships - those he influenced and those who influenced him. The crumbling city allowed them the freedom to discover and experiment with their work. President Reagan, the influx of money, AIDs, and drugs changed everything after 1981.

Followed by a panel discussion with director Sara Driver and Film sector curator Marian Masone.

Access: Free public access (limited seating); Colony Theatre

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