SoundScape Park, Miami Beach

Art Basel | Film | Sound Works in SoundScape Park

Hans Berg | Trance (2017), 17' (one hour loop) | Gió Marconi, Lisson

Art Basel | Film | Sound Works in SoundScape Park

Hans Berg | Trance (2017), 17' (one hour loop) | Gió Marconi, Lisson

Swedish sound artist and techno music producer Hans Berg has created this work for the over 160-speaker surround sound system at SoundScape Park. Based on his experiences composing both electronic dance music for clubs and atmospheric soundtracks for video artists, Berg continues to be fascinated by music's potential to transport listeners into a trance-like state.

Trance is a hypnotic aural tapestry weaving together rainforest sounds, synthesizer rhythms, and more. Thanks to the location, Berg has been able to compose an immersive audio landscape blending technology and the outdoors, where audiences can practically see and feel the sound sas well as hear them.

'It's a very rare opportunity to have all those speakers, and I love hearing music outside, in nature. This is not something you can translate by listening to at home on two speakres, or headphones. It's situation-based. This work is inspired by shamanic rituals in the jungles and harsh electronic techno sounds. I want it to be a journey through time and space that still maintains a very simple core.' - Hans Berg

Access: Free public access, seating is limited - bring a blanket or lawn chair

Organizer:  Art Basel

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