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Art Basel | Film | Short film program

The Reflection in the Puddle is Mine, 70' | Corbett vs. Dempsey presents works from the Chicago Film Archives collection

Art Basel | Film | Short film program
The Reflection in the Puddle is Mine, 70' | Corbett vs. Dempsey with Chicago Film Archives

This short film program features a selection of treasures from the Chicago Film Archives' collection. Chosen by archivist Michelle Puetz and curator Jim Dempsey, the films and videos screened provide rare and fascinating glimpses into life in Chicago, from the 1930s to the present day. A constant element throughout the program is the motif of dance, in more or less abstract forms - from dancing atoms to bodies in motion, and from the geometric to the lyrical. The program takes its title from a 1961 film by dancer and choreographer Sybil Shearer and filmmaker Helen Morrison and documents Shearer's dance company in a performance that moves from the mundane world of work to an abstract, spritual level.

'These films convey a particular poetry and grit of a midwestern city in mid-century. The movement and majesty of this mash-up combines historical source material, some combined with contemporary jazz scores, wtih an eye squarely on the place where hard work meets artistic transcendence.' - Jim Dempsey.

The works presented in this short film program are the following:

  • Robert Stiegler: Full Circle (1968)
  • Samantha Hill: An Anthology of Kinship (2017)
  • Morton & Millie Goldsholl: Union Pier 1942: Film Experiments (excerpt) (1942)
  • Ruth Page: Variations on Euclid (1938)
  • Ruth Page: Untitled Rehearsal (c. 1930)
  • Larry Janiak: Disintegration Line #2 (1970)
  • Helen Morrison & Sybil Shearer: Without Wings the Way is Steep (1961)
  • Helen Morrison & Sybil Shearer: The Reflection in the Puddle is Mine (1961)
  • Latham Zearfoss: Something to Move In (2014)

Access: Free public access, seating is limited - bring a blanket or lawn chair
Organizer:  Art Basel

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