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Oracle, 78’29”

Oracle, 78’29”

A medium whose messages are captivating but not always easy to decipher, the figure of the oracle derives from ancient mythology, but also refers to the role of artists in dealing with existential questions in the present day. The works selected here variously explore the use of science and technology, the simulation of reality, and the circulation of pop-cultural motifs, all of which influence our experience of the world. Humans use technology to control and shape natural forces, but technology in turn affects us in often unexpected ways: sometimes frightening, sometimes playful, as these works demonstrate.

The works presented in this short film program are the following: 

  • Alice Wang & Ben Tong Oracle (2017); Capsule
  • Feng Chen Pirate (2014); Capsule
  • Tsubasa Kato The Raft of ______ (2016); Mujin-to
  • Yukihiro Taguchi Made in Kenya (2012-2013); Mujin-to
  • Taro Shinoda SF San Francisco or Science Fiction or How do I Understand the History (2013); Misa Shin
  • Go Watanabe 22 lights with books and floor (Library stacks at Aichi University of the Arts) (2017); Urano
  • Chia-Wei Hsu March 14, Hong Kong Coliseum (2009); Liang
  • I-Chun Chen L’Enfant (2017); Liang
Access: Free public access
Rerun is held at 6:30pm at N102-N103, HKCEC.
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