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Art Basel | Film | Short Film Program | ‘Taking Art for a Walk’

Art Basel | Film | Short Film Program | ‘Taking Art for a Walk’

The title of this short film program was inspired by Richard Long’s famous 1967 land art piece, A Line Made by Walking. What does it mean to ‘walk a line’ in today’s context of geopolitical and gender-based categorizations and boundaries? In the films in this program, artists walk in rural countrysides, but their aim is not to catapult art out of the gallery – as Long sought to do when he first turned the green English countryside into a land art site. Instead, these works bring the politics of boundaries into the white cubes and black boxes of the art world.

Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson | Swamp
1971, 6ʹ
Charlotte Prodger | LHB
2017, 19ʹ39"
Hiwa K. | Pre-Image (Blind As The Mother Tongue)
2017, 16ʹ9"
William Kentridge | Second-hand Reading
2013, 7ʹ

Tickets | CHF 17

The Stadtkino Basel box office opens 30 minutes prior to screenings. Seating is limited. For advanced ticket reservations, please email, or visit the Film desk, Hall 2 entrance. Please note: holders of Art Basel VIP cards, Art Basel tickets, and Exhibitor passes can receive a complimentary Film sector ticket at the Stadtkino Basel box office. 

Organizer:  Art Basel

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