Art Basel, Basel

Art World Talk | Sexism in the Art World

Hannah Weinberger, Julieta Aranda, Sandra Mujinga and Elvia Wilk

Art World Talk | Sexism in the Art World

This panel brings together a range of voices and perspectives on the issue of sexism in the art community, how it is emerging from the shadows and constructive ways to move forward. The discussion allows for specific navigations of the big and intergenerational picture on gender relations. What are the relationships between sexism, racism and class that enable them all to co-exist and how may we realize a society free of classification and discrimination. How can we include all genders in this conversation? In an increasingly digital world, what are the limits to online actions vs. real-life interactions?

Hannah Weinberger, Artist, Basel; Julieta Aranda, Artist and Editor of E-Flux Journal, Berlin/New York; Sandra Mujinga, Artist, Malmö/Oslo

Moderator: Elvia Wilk, Writer and Editor, Berlin/New York

Organizer:  Art Basel

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