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Art Market Talk | Blockchain and the Art World

Simon Denny, Robert Norton, Kelani Nichole, Tim Schneider
Art Market Talk | Blockchain and the Art World
Courtesy of Calla-Henkel-and-Max-Pitegoff

Artist, curator and visionary come together to discuss the potential impact of blockchain on art, the art community and the world overall. Clearly larger change is in the near future, yet what actual effect is blockchain having on art at the present time? How much does blockchain indirectly influence the art world in terms of the changing environment of the Internet, information and money?

Simon Denny, Artist, Berlin; Robert Norton, Founder and CEO, Verisart, London; Kelani Nichole, Founder, TRANSFER and Director, The Current, New York

Moderator: Tim Schneider, Art Business Reporter, artnet News, and Founder, The Gray Market, New York

Organizer:  Art Basel

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