Art Basel, Basel

Collector Talk | How to Buy Art

Philippe Charpentier, Monique Burger, Herman Steyn and Alexander Forbes
Collector Talk | How to Buy Art
Courtesy of Herlinde Koelb

Collecting art is as personal or public as each person chooses; each collection is considered the creative expression of the collector. This conversation brings together views from both the buyer and the seller on what to look for when buying art: What are some of the common and/or unusual factors in acquiring artworks from emerging, mid-career, established artist and artist estates? When acquiring artworks, what commitments are made, and to whom? How to balance ‘buyer’s remorse” and impulsive-buys, along with trusting intuition and negotiating codes of ethics will also be discussed.

Philippe Charpentier, Co-Owner and Director, mor charpentier, Paris; Monique Burger, Owner, Burger Collection, Hong Kong; Herman Steyn, Executive Chairman, Prescient Group, and Co-Founder, Scheryn Art Collection, Cape Town
Moderator: Alexander Forbes, Executive Editor, Artsy, New York
Organizer:  Art Basel

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