Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach

Conversations | Art Market Talk | The Future of the Artist and Gallerist Relationship

Howard Read, Irene Kopelman, Kibum Kim, and Edward Winkleman

Howard Read, Co-founder, Cheim & Read, New York
Irene Kopelman, Artist, Amsterdam
Kibum Kim, Partner, Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles
Moderated by Edward Winkleman, Art Dealer and Art Fair Founder, New York

Over the past decade, the contemporary-art-gallery world has undergone substantial changes. While some galleries have found themselves forced to shut up shop, others have been able to keep growing exponentially. Whatever the situation, most are rethinking how they should be representing artists and dealing with their clientele. Defining the gallery model of the future is therefore becoming an increasingly relevant question. So what does the ideal future-gallery model look like and what is required to develop a sustainable model that will satisfy all involved parties in the long run?

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