Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach

Conversations | Museum Talk | Diversifying Collections – Indigenous Art

Jeffrey Gibson, John P. Lukavic, Wanda Nanibush, and Jami Powell

Conversations | Museum Talk | Diversifying Collections – Indigenous Art
Jeffrey Gibson, Artist, New York
John P. Lukavic, Curator of Native Arts, Denver Art Museum, Denver
Wanda Nanibush, Curator, Indigenous Art, and Co-head of Indigenous and Canadian Art Department, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Moderated by Jami Powell, Associate Curator of Native American Art, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth

Recognition of and rights for the indigenous peoples of the Americas are growing, albeit too little, too late. Yet credit is due to those who have been fighting for progress and have achieved results. Public and private institutions across the Americas are increasingly eager to include early and contemporary art by indigenous artists in their collections, and this panel brings together multiple perspectives of the subject to address the current situation. The questions considered include what hurdles need to be overcome when collecting indigenous art and, with the growing inclusion of indigenous artists in collections, how has the public perception of them changed? Is racial equality being affected on a broader scale by the diversification of collections? And what needs to happen for further institutional diversification to be achieved?

Access: Open to the public and free of charge
Organizer:  Art Basel

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