AboutOur Books

Our publications offer art enthusiasts comprehensive insights into the artworld. The Art Market 2018, an independent and objective study by Dr Clare McAndrew, presents an analysis of the art market and highlights key developments. Art Basel | Year 48 showcases our three shows, the participating galleries, and includes a compilation of portfolios, interviews and essays on contemporary art.

The Art Market | 2018

Art Basel and UBS present The Art Market, an annual global art market analysis authored by Dr Clare McAndrew of Arts Economics. The Art Market covers all aspects of the international market and highlights the most important developments in the previous year. The publication is available as a free PDF download.

Art Basel | Year 48

Art Basel | Year 48 embodies a year in the artworld as seen through the eyes of Art Basel. The book has an A-to-Z format that maps the world of Art Basel with a comprehensive look at the Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong shows, featuring interviews, essays and personal highlights from artists, curators, collectors, museum directors and other luminaries from the international artworld.

The publication can be purchased in April 2018 at all our shows, and at selected art bookstores across Europe, the United States and Asia.