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Miami Beach 2018

Bergamin & Gomide
Established in São Paulo in 2000 by Jones Bergamin, the gallery was a venue of numerous important exhibitions such as a retrospective of Ibere Camargo and a group show “Através” curated by Lisette Lagnado, one of Brazil’s most celebrated curators which showed for the first time Lygia Pape’s “Tteia”, probably the most important work of the artist’s career. The gallery put on individual shows of artists such as José Resende, Aluísio Carvão, Alair Gomes and Milton Dacosta. In 2012, Antonia Bergamin, the daughter of Jones Bergamin, took over as gallery director together with Thiago Gomide. Being a secondary market gallery without a fixed roster, Galeria Bergamin & Gomide is free to work with a large number of artists, whether they are established or young, Brazilian or foreign. This freedom also allows it to organize exhibitions with different themes, periods and movements. The gallery runs a program of 4 exhibitions a year, including solo and group shows; such “Atributos do Silêncio” a collective show curated by Felipe Scovino (2015), the first gallery solo exhibition by German artist Joseph Beuys – “BEUYS” featuring sculptures, works on paper and videos including “Felt Suit” and “I like America and America likes me” (2016) and “Fabio Mauri (Senza Arte)” dedicated to the Italian artist (2017).