Miami Beach


December 2-4, 2021

Curator's Statement

Magalí Arriola

This second iteration of Meridians presents a selection of films, performances and large-scale paintings and sculptures, that touch on the urgencies of our time. Many of these works question the traditional representations of class, race and power as a way to resist social conventions and to bridge physical and cultural boundaries. By recovering the histories of art, activism and social practices across different geographies, the works in the sector advance a dialogue among artists from different generations, which echoes the imaginary lines that connect North and South from which Meridians takes its name.

While some of the works put forward lived experiences and individual expression in order to subvert the compartmentalization of everyday life, others address the encapsulation of gendered bodies and the complexities of indigenous identities and cultures. Textures and patterns, double-sided paintings, rocking sculptures, performing dancers, quilted fabrics, cutouts of everyday objects, point to a coding and decoding of urban life and social space. The different processes and strategies used by the artists for examination of contemporary thought and experience engage the concerns that impacting our society, and will undoubtedly contribute to reassess our current disjoint realities.