Visitor Information
Visitor Information

Guided Tours

Gain a deeper understanding of the art on display with a guided tour. Organized in partnership with ArtNexus and available during show hours, both public and private tours are offered in English, German, and French. Tours in other languages are available upon prior request only.

Customized tours for corporate and private groups can be arranged by contacting or by calling +1 305.891.7228. The booking of public guided tours can be done online via this link.

All self-guided tour groups must register prior to the show using the Self-Guided Tour Group Registration form. Please note and adhere to the rules and regulations for self-guided tours.

Please note that due to the fragility of certain artworks and booth space restrictions, the galleries listed in the ‘Group Visit Refusal List’ are not open for group visits. Find the list here.

the cat

Visiting with Children

Art Basel in Basel

jun 13 - 16, 2024

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