BaselVisitor Information

June 13 – 16, 2019

Meet the Institutions

The city of Basel is famed for its world-class institutions. Together with their directors, we explore their programs ahead of the show: Fondation Beyeler, Kunstmuseum, Kunsthalle Basel and HeK. See our videos featuring Sam Keller (Fondation Beyeler), Josef Helfenstein (Kunstmuseum), Elena Filipovic (Kunsthalle) and Sabine Himmelreich (HeK).

Cultural Institutions

Basel is home to 37 museums, an extraordinary number for a city of its size. In addition to its world-famous institutions, major public artworks include Richard Serra’s monumental sculpture 'Intersection' and Jean Tinguely's whimsical fountain, a collection of fanciful, water-shooting sculptures. 

Institutions in Basel

Institutions outside Basel