June 13 – 16, 2024


Merian program
Merian program

Tuesday, June 11

Hosted by Aindrea Emelife, Curator Modern and Contemporary at the Museum of West African Art in Benin City; Pati Hertling, Director of Performance Space New York; Jenny Schlenzka, Director of Gropius Bau Berlin:

10pm Young Boy Dancing Group

11pm Okra Collective

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Wednesday, June 12

Hosted by Stefanie Hessler, Director of Swiss Institute (SI) New York:

9pm Wendy’s Wok World: Karaoke Bar Night

Hosted by Jan Vorisek and Mathis Altmann:

10:30pm Chuquimamani-Condori (live)

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Thursday, June 13

3pm – 6:30pm

Art Basel Digital Dialogues:

Art installation by Krista Kim, TAEX
Panel discussions:
- Panel 1 – The artists – Digital art: transforming public spaces, pixel by pixel
- Panel 2 – How the digital transformed the art world
- Panel 3 – How to introduce new art forms to the public?

Hosted by Aindrea Emelife, Pati Hertling, Jenny Schlenzka:

10pm Hairbone

11pm Oroko Radio, AYAYA

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Friday, June 14

From 8pm Opening game of Euro 2024

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Saturday, June 15

Happening hosted by SALTS, Kollektiv Avalon, and Bebbi Zine, curated by Benedikt Wyss with artworks, concerts, performances, DJ sets and EURO public viewing.

Artists: Michel Argast, Nica Berndt-Caccivio, Bio Goat, BONNIE OK, Donna Softa, E.K.R., Charlotte Horn, Thomas Jeppe, Orakle Ngoy, Janiv Oron & Mala Cara, Duncan Passmore, Pilar Quinteros, Jasin Rammal-Rykała, Klaudia Schifferle, Bob and Roberta Smith, Fabio Sonego, WAS DAS?, Claudia Wieser, and Pedro Wirz

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