Untitled 1, 2, 3, 2011

Miami Beach 2014
Chemould Prescott Road
Work on Paper
Ink on washi paper
30.5 x 147.3 (cm)
12.0 x 58.0 (inch)
Aditi Singh Untitled 1, 2, 3, 2011 Ink on washi paper 12 x 58 inches each A recurrent theme in Aditi Singh’s drawings is the anatomy of flowers. Drawing flowers for over one decade, they still continue to enthrall the artist, or as she puts it: "At a certain moment a form chooses you and won’t leave you in peace". These flowers are not typically meant to beautify. They survive in extreme climate and their ephemeral character contradicts the tenacious nature of their existence. The organic structure and their skeletal fragility point to the invisible mysteries inherent in natural phenomena. Exploring the countless nuances of those phenomena reveals Aditi Singh’s intent to capture the stillness of an infinite space within the limits of a temporal reality. The process of selecting the paper is an integral part of the drawings. The paper acts both as space and skin. Skin that protects, simultaneously witnesses the process of evolution and dissolution. The paper’s texture and materiality create a symbiosis with the subtle colors and shapes of the floral forms, thus standing for the "metamorphosis of the One into the Other‟.