Persona, 2014

Miami Beach 2014
Chemould Prescott Road
Mixed Media
Water colour and automotive paint on paper
200.7 x 299.7 (厘米)
79.0 x 118.0 (吋)
Gigi Scaria Persona, 2013 Water colour and automotive paint on paper Diptych 79 x 118 inches During a fellowship in Melbourne, Gigi Scaria got acquainted with the landscape and geography of Victoria. He studied the way people moved from other parts of the world, digging and cultivating the land in the course of history. The gold rush and the import of trees and plants by the settlers lead to significant changes in the natural formations of the land. The alterations of the landscape, pleasing the vision of those who settled there, prove of a cultural logic that not always corresponds to the logic of nature. Gigi Scaria’s watercolor points to the ‘politics of the landscape’ that is intricately related to the culture, habits, and civic ideas of the people living there.