Dust, 2013

Miami Beach 2014
Chemould Prescott Road
Digital print on archival paper
94.0 x 137.2 (cm)
37.0 x 54.0 (inch)
Gigi Scaria Dust, 2013 Digital print on archival paper 37 x 54 inches The focus of Gigi Scaria’s works is the interrogation of the aggressive forces of urban development and the overpopulation, demographic shifts and social changes related to it. In dramatic contrast, his most recent series of photographs presents us with the spare images of the salt desert in Kutch. Kutch is a district in the western state of Gujarat (India) near the Pakistani border. The photographs reflect upon the solitude the individual experiences, when confronted with the uninhabited vastness of space. The overwhelming power of nature and its silence allow for revelation and contemplation. The few human traces left on the unchartered terrain are reminiscent of a civilization that is environmentally exploitative and ruled by a logic of devastation.