Seven Seahorses, 2013

Miami Beach 2014
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Linen and thread in 7 parts
Tonico Lemos Auad Seven Seahorses, 2013 Linen and thread in 7 parts 240 x 153 x 120 cm Seven Seahorses' is a recent sculptural intervention which focuses on the rearranging and manipulating of different linen elements to create unique and exquisite forms. Auad has created seven individual forms that hang directly from the ceiling, mirroring the organic shape of coral branches and the natural habitat of a seahorse. Each main section shares the same material, cylindrical form and sensibility but Auad has crafted each element in a different method. Brightly coloured in red, one branch contrasts with the other six and bears the delicate shape of a seahorse, created by the removal and reapplication of linen thread. This time-consuming technique is evident in another piece where single strands of the natural fibre have been removed and replaced with delicate, coloured threads. A second seahorse can be found on close inspection on another piece of material. Elsewhere, one element harbours a large, hollow, bulb-like form at the floor-end and two other strands contain added linen layers which have been precisely cut down to create textured, geometric additions. The final piece, featuring complex lace-like embroidered patterns, appears stretched as if being drawn out towards the floor below. Continuing the artist's powerful dialogue with materiality, the installation invites the viewer to move around the work akin to undersea exploration. Inspired by Auad's cultural heritage, 'Seven Seahorses' is a sensual, lyrical reflection on process and the relationship between the audience and their environment.