Untitled, 2013

Miami Beach 2014
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Acrylic on canvas
Wayne Gonzales Untitled, 2013 Acrylic on canvas 182.8 x 182.8 cm 72 x 72 inches A new series of paintings by Wayne Gonzales takes as their central focus images of parked cars in a parking lot. The artist was drawn to the crowded California parking lots as areas that are often overlooked, and yet hold so much activity in their condensed reflections of light. Here, the glistening windscreens and bright lacquer of the cars are reduced to varying tones of a similar colour palette. In ‘Untitled’, the rows and rows of cars are tightly packed in the painting, creating an almost abstract layering of images. Here, beautiful blue hues are gently highlighted to mark the fall and reflection of light with accented and visible brushstrokes, recalling the heat of a crowded Summer's day in California. Painted from layers of colour applied in varying shades, the work continues and develops the artist's unique language and exploration of light and shadow.