Sem título, 1972

Miami Beach 2014
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Gouache and collage on card
Mira Schendel Sem título, 1972 Gouache and collage on card This unique work on paper, from the 'Toquinho' or 'Little Stub' series, is a superb example of Schendel's work from the 1970s. The plain card is dissected by both a vertical and horizontal line to create a grid with four distinct areas. In the top right-hand section, a white square cut-out from Japanese colour paper appears to hover over the background. This simple addition creates a void, an important theme for the artist at the time. Below, a grid continuing two areas of colour provides contrast to the minimalist appearance of the surrounding space. ‘Sem título' beautifully captures how Schendel's pictorial language became progressively simplified through the most important periods of her career. This work featured in the exhibition 'Mira Schendel: Avesso do Avesso' at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Sao Paulo in 2010.