Lourdes, 2014

Miami Beach 2014
Meessen De Clercq
Inkjet print on glossy paper
Artwork size
153.5 x 117.0 (cm)
60.4 x 46.1 (inch)
Blind gestures, is a photographic project that gathers 25 images scanned from dormant IPad screens. Each scan registers the marks, scratches, fingerprints and dust indefinitely accumulated on the screen surface. In the process of gathering these images, Lamas establishes an unusual relationship between two electronic devices, using the scanner as photographic tool to "expose" the information that constantly changes and focuses on the "action space" of the tablets. The forms that are revealed may seem to be spontaneous, tactile gestures without any criteria; but they are indeed the registered actions of clear logic made to activate various functions of the IPad, when it is turned on. Each image is unique, unrepeatable and corresponds to a specific moment in the interaction with digital information. Beside each image is the name of the IPad owner, putting emphasis on the close relationship between the tablet and each user, and the traces left by contact with a personal electronic device that translates builds and interconnects a world that is on both sides of the screen.