Manifiesto, 2014

Miami Beach 2014
Revolver Galería
Megaphone, audio, metal structure, weights, voice synthesizer
Jose Carlos Martinat Manifiesto, 2014 Megaphone, audio, metal structure, weights, voice synthesizer “In 1913 [he] takes the front fork of a bicycle, along with the associated wheel, and places the assembly upside down on a stool from his studio, with a single gesture changing the rails on which modern art travels” - About Marcel Duchamp and the bicycle wheel This is a mechanical installation that emits “manifestos” (sounds) of art. It consists of 15 megaphones with a very basic system: bicycle wheels, engines and other elements, which allow each megaphone to synchronously swing as a pendulum. The manifestos are extracted from texts found in the web, using a software that converts each text into audio which is then is emitted by the megaphone. Each megaphone emits a distinct audio, so that we hear a mixture of manisfestos from classics such as: the surrealist, the futurist, and other more current such as the hartista; among others