Mouton Transhumant, 1988

Hong Kong 2015
Ben Brown Fine Arts
Epoxystone and bronze
François-Xavier Lalanne Mouton Transhumant, 1988 Epoxystone and bronze 90 x 104 x 39 cm 35 3/8 x 41 x 15 3/8 inches Edition of 250 The work of Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, who are often referred to as Les Lalanne, defies categorisation: it is at once surrealist, classical, contemporary, fine art, decorative art, functional design, whimsical objets. While Les Lalanne shared a studio and exhibited together throughout their careers, their oeuvres are entirely distinctive. Claude’s work takes on a more sinuous and ethereal form, depicting flora and fauna evocative of the Art Nouveau movement. François-Xavier’s works – including sheep, rhinoceroses, gorillas, desks, and bars – offer a gravity of form and sense of whimsy that bring life to the spaces they occupy. Together, the Lalannes’ works create a dialogue that is at once playful, elegant and arresting, and equally suitable for traditional and contemporary environments.