Fée de Lune WK14, 2012

Hong Kong 2015
10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Wang Keping Fée de Lune WK14, 2012 Bronze 67 x 66 x 14 cm Wang Keping was one of the founders of the first non-conformist artist’s group “THE STARS” (XING XING) which was formed in 1979 during the post-cultural revolution “Beijing Spring.” He was a pioneer in the fight for artistic freedom in China. He has been living in Paris since 1984. Wang Keping’s works from the days of the Stars Exhibition through to the current day explore the themes of women, mother and child, men, couples, heads, abstract forms, birds, and pure forms. The evolution of his work over the years can be seen through some of his works where form and nature guide his path.