Courtyard in Summer No.1, 2015

Hong Kong 2015
10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Oil on canvas
Huang Rui Courtyard in Summer No.1, 1983 Oil on canvas 70 x 69 cm Huang Rui, (b. 1952, Beijing), is one of China’s most highly regarded artists and was one of the main protagonists of the first non-conformist art groups in 1979 China.  A leader of the Stars Group (Xing Xing) and exhibition, he was pivotal in the art movement that initiated some of the first free art expressions in the Post-Mao era bringing together like-minded artists such as, Wang Keping and Ma Desheng. As a seminal figure of the Dashanzi Factory 798 Art District, Huang Rui has sought to express art’s function as a reflection of society and its strength in addressing contemporary concerns, since co-organizing China’s first public art exhibition in Beijing in 1979.