Untitled (from the Sumerian Series), 2013

Hong Kong 2015
10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Color print, Linen archival tape
Dinh Q. Le Untitled (from the Sumerian Series), 2013 Color print, Linen archival tape 180 x 120 cm Dinh Q. Lê will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Mori Museum, Japan, from July – Oct. 2015. He is considered to be one of Vietnam’s most significant contemporary artists. Born in Vietnam in 1968, Lê moved to Los Angeles with his family in 1979 after fighting erupted between the Vietnamese and the Khmer Rouge near their village at the Cambodian border. Layered and fragile memory is at the core of Lê’s work. His practice challenges how our memories are recalled and how society archives the evidence of human suffering. Lê’s work elucidates his commitment to the artistic process as a means of excavating history and the uncovering and revealing of alternate ideas of loss and redemption. The artist is known for his technique of weaving photographic images together. Lê investigates two highly intelligent cultures of the past: one of ancient Sumer, the other of 12th century Cambodia.  Both cultures are remembered in his work through their remnants and ruins.