A Rockery, 2014

Hong Kong 2015
Galerie Ora-Ora
Ink on paper
97.0 x 180.0 (cm)
38.2 x 70.9 (inch)
Zhang Yanzi A Rockery, 2014 Ink on paper 180 x 97 cm Zhuangzi’s The Way of Heaven recorded a conversation between Qi Huan Gong, the Duke Huan of Qi and a carpenter named Lun Bian. Qi Huan Gong was reading the words of the sages and Lun Bian courageously spoke up to the Duke, ‘What you, my Ruler, are reading, are the dregs of the people in the past.’ In our modern day society, the classics can be seen as garbage, but there might also be treasures hidden within the trash. Is the mountain real or not? Everyone should have a different interpretation.