Fable, 2014

Hong Kong 2015
Galerie Ora-Ora
Ink on paper
97.0 x 180.0 (cm)
38.2 x 70.9 (inch)
Zhang Yanzi Fable, 2014 Ink on paper 180 x 97 cm “In our modern day society, classics can be seen as irrelevant and seemingly useless. A fable by Zhuangzi, quoted from Qi Wu Lun, The Discussion of Smoothing Things Out, records a conversation between two shadows, ‘Is it true that I depend on something for things to be this way? That does what I depend on have something that it depends on? … Do not attend to the causes behind occurrences. Do not attend to the causes behind things that do not occur.’ Everything happens for a reason; there won’t be a result without a cause, one relies on another. The crumpled paper may seem inadequate, however with Zhang’s unique ink depiction of Zhuangzi’s ancient fable, she restored it to its former glory. Her technique of interpretation can be seen as enlightenment, an inspiration.” – Su Hongyue