The Remedy, 2013

Hong Kong 2015
Galerie Ora-Ora
Mixed Media
Ink on fabric (analgesic plasters)
108.0 x 180.0 (cm)
42.5 x 70.9 (inch)
Zhang Yanzi The Remedy, 2012-2013 Ink on fabric (analgesic plasters) 180 x 108 cm “When analgesic plasters affix the therapeutic function to the psychologically healing function of religious statues, and then arranged to be the niche for the statue of the Buddha, divinity and humanity are confused, thus it is indefinable to tell when it is consecrated as feeling unfair for worldly pain or for religious emotions. Full to the brim, diffusing with herbal medicines, the illusions caused by a visual sense and olfactory sensation are far more than could be told by linguistic media.” – Xu Lei