Landscape, 2013

Hong Kong 2015
Hanart TZ Gallery
Ink and colour on paper
Artwork size
213.0 x 294.0 (cm)
83.9 x 115.7 (inch)
Leung Kui-Ting Landscape, 2013 Ink and colour on paper 213 x 294 cm Diptych Each: 213 x 147 cm LEUNG Kui-Ting’s landscapes, which from a distance evoke the seductive aura of traditional landscapist, are constructed with a new personal texture stroke, (Cunfa), based on the geometrical line used universally in scientific survey and digital monitor screens. Cunfa is the technical foundation of traditional landscape, the gene of its mountains and rockery. A renovation of Cunfa is nothing short of a radical remake of Chinese landscape art.