orange, 2013

Hong Kong 2015
Tomio Koyama Gallery
Acrylic on canvas
Hideaki Kawashima orange, 2013 Acrylic on canvas 117 x 91 cm Hideaki Kawashima (B. 1969)   In Kawashima's paintings, the subject’s face alone floats lightly in the air against a plain background, with long trailing hair that seems to express something of the unearthly allowing us to imagine more a human soul than a human being.  The Artist has identified himself with these portraits. However, from around 2010, wishing once more to return a overly bloated self-consciousness away from such intensely inward-gazing introspection to neutrality, he began to turn his perspective towards other people. The subjects of his portraits each possess a sense of body: each is painted with distinct hair-styles and clothing. As if rendered in ideal model form, it is as if in each their full personality has been released.