Dance! Dance! Bruce Ling!, 2013

Hong Kong 2015
Magician Space
Colored digital print
Yao Qingmei Dance! Dance! Bruce Ling!, 2013 Colored digital print 40 x 30 cm 9 photographs per edition Yao Qingmei’s art is deep rooted in the political and social, offering methods of critical resistance, and frequently finding their form in areas overlapping burlesque parody and poetry with a critical inquiry. The work enact micro-interventions to question and perturb reality and its surroundings, and in other moments more overt political action is employed, often with sensitivity towards how metaphorical and symbolic gestures gain and lose traction with power through alteration, displacement, and when taken out of context. Taking dramatic expression using elements borrowed from cinema, theatre, and contemporary dance: personalized costumes, script writing, mise en scene, set design, and live music, Yao remains interested in the complex legacy of communism.